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Guest Personal Services
Network Kiosks
Immediate Guest Fulfillment

Guests will ... more often than not ... inquire about or request the following services upon check-in and the StaySpotz Personal Services Kiosk answers the mail.

  • Where can I get something to eat?
  • Can I get a wake-up call?
  • Do you have any ride services?
  • Do you have any pet sitting services?
  • What is there to do around here?

One Tap Access to Services

One tap on the Start Your Stay Here button opens up a world of services for your guests!

Guests can now access services across multiple service industries right from their room. And, in most cases can have those services billed to their room minimizing out-of-pocket expense.

  • Staff dependent services
  • On-site business services
  • Affiliated business services
  • Non-affiliated business services
Find Food In Just Two Taps

One tap on the Start Your Stay Here button and another on the Food & Beverage action bar opens up a world of food for your guests.

Guests can now access any type of food cuisine they're hungry for within just a couple of taps! There are 48 basic types of cuisine to choose from and most food locations include delivery right to their room!

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Safe & Secure For Guests
Bill-To-Room Convenience

Secure For Every Guest
Secure Check-In Check-Out

Guests are checked into the StaySpotz Personal Services Network when they check-in as a guest. And when they check-out as a guest they are also checked out from the StaySpotz Personal Services Network.

Imagine checking into your hotel room and after activating your kiosk being able to set your own wake-up call, know at a glance what the weather is like and within two taps being able to order something to eat and have it delivered to your room!

  • Set your own wake-up call
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Order food delivery to your room
  • Get any room service you need
Bill To Room Convenience

Now your guests can order services from your staff or from local businesses and have those services billed to their room for the ultimate in convenience.

This check-in/check-out feature protects your guest from fraudulent charges and provides you with a way to collect for bill-to-room services on their final bill upon checkout.

  • Guests are checked into room kiosks
  • Guests are checked into portable kiosks
  • Guests are required to activate kiosks
  • Check-out resets guest kiosk activation

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Wall & Surface Mountable
Portables & Floor Standing

Anti-Theft Lockable Frames
StaySpotz Stationary Kiosks
Professionally Installed

StaySpotz Personal Services Kiosks are professionally installed by licensed, bonded and insured technicians from within your own community.

Whether wall or surface mounted in guest rooms or floor standing in open areas, like your lobby or pool area, you can rest easy knowing that your kiosks are safe from theft.

And, our on-site pre-installation assessment takes the guesswork and worry out of having your installation done right the first time with no unexpected problems or surprises.

Every kiosk tablet is housed in a lockable frame reducing the chance that someone can walk off with it. And every kiosk is installed in a way to secure and protect the device and its power source.

No tangled or exposed wires, just clean and attractive installations!

StaySpotz Portable Kiosks
Portable Guest Kiosks

Now you can offer your guests a portable device for accessing your in-room services, housekeeping and concierge remotely.

Simply setup a front desk device check-out procedure for the portable devices and send your guests to the pool or beach or even the golf course while keeping them connected to your services.

Any requests your guests make for in-room services on a portable device can quickly be reviewed and accrued onto their final bill before check-out.

They will also have access to other services found at your location like the restaurant, bar, day spa or gym inside or outside your location.

Imagine the reaction your guests will have to know they can order food, order ahead for in-room services, plan for transportation through your concierge service desk and do it all from one of your portable kiosk devices while they're sitting around the pool.

If you have a pool area, beach, golf course, gym or other services that are handled by on-site staff then this option is for you!

Just have the guest check-out the portable device at the front desk and return it when they check-out on the final day of their stay with you.

Your guests will love it!

Enhanced Revenue Streams
Affiliate Revenue Opportunity

Check-In and Check-Out
Room Direct Notifications

Staff Operations

Fully Managed Services

Real-Time Request Processing

The StaySpotz™ Dashboard is where your service managers and staff will go to process service requests in real-time!

Your location’s kitchen or on-site restaurant can be setup to process orders for food to be delivered to your guests in their rooms.

The In-Room Services manager can monitor all guest requests from one location and follow up with staff if required and staff can use the dashboard to process their requests!

The Housekeeping Services manager and staff can respond to guest requests in real-time without the delay of the front desk having to communicate a guest request with them.

the In-House Concierge Services manager or desk clerk can now respond and schedule transportation, sightseeing tours, events and airport shuttle services on-demand from guests!

Staff Operations StaySpotz™ Dashboard
Housekeeping Staff Efficiency

With StaySpotz™ your housekeeping staff can process rooms in real-time, letting you know at a glance where things are in getting your rooms ready for the day's new clientele.

And, with StaySpotz™, your guests will be able to make requests directly to housekeeping management, freeing the front desk up to perform their duties efficiently.

Operational Benefits
  • REAL-TIME processing of guest requests for in-room services, housekeeping or concierge services
  • COMPLETE SEGREGATION of in-room services, housekeeping and concierge services
  • DESKTOP NOTIFICATIONS of incoming guest service requests so you never miss a request
  • HOUSEKEEPING CART mountable for servicing rooms daily and special housekeeping services
  • REQUEST LOCATION identified by room number, kiosk location or portable device number
  • BILLABLE to room guest identified by room number or portable device number

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All About Convenience.
And Staff Efficiency!

StaySpotz™ Features

Ultimate Room Stay Experience

Responsive Layout

In-Room Services

With StaySpotz™ your guests can place orders for in-room services and your in-room services manager or staff can respond immediately!

Retina Graphics

Housekeeping Services

With StaySpotz™ your housekeeping staff can now methodically report their progress and respond to guest requests in real-time improving efficiency!

Powerful Performance

Concierge Services

With StaySpotz™ guests can make requests directly to your concierge desk for travel arrangements, sightseeing tours, events and airport shuttle service!

Responsive Layout

Request Type Routing

With StaySpotz™ requests can now be routed to the right department or manager without impeding the operations of your front desk.

Responsive Layout

Virtual Online Store

With StaySpotz™ and your white-labeled Web Portal App your customers can now order directly from you and earn reward points along the way!

Powerful Performance

Viral Social Marketing

With StaySpotz™ and your white-labeled Web Portal App your customers can now rate, share and post to social networks giving you viral media exposure.

Retina Graphics

Direct Email Marketing

With StaySpotz™ you can now do direct marketing via EMAIL to any customer in your network or to all the customers in your network ... at the push of a button!

Retina Graphics

Direct SMS Marketing

With StaySpotz™ you can now do direct marketing via SMS messaging to any customer in your network or to all the customers in your network ... anytime!

Powerful Performance

GPS Location Aware

With StaySpotz™ and your white-labeled Web Portal App your customers will automatically find your business based on their actual GPS location.

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